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After wearing his reference 6541 Hublot for nearly two years, Petty decided that a 37mm watch was simply too large for his tastes. The average size of men watches during the 1950s and 1960s was substantially smaller than it is today, and in 1960, Petty brought his reference 6541 Hublot back to the same Hayes Jewelers from which he purchased it, and exchanged it for an entirely different watch. Hayes later sold that very same Hublot 6541 to a different customer, who took remarkably good care of the Hublot replica watches for all these years, until we recently purchased it.

Given that the watch is well over half a century old, the piece itself is in fantastic, all-original condition. The case, lugs, bezel, and crown have nice, thick, sharp lines that have clearly not been over-polished during the years. The all-original dial is also very well-preserved, and the radium-based luminant on its hour markers has taken on a wonderful, orange-brown patina. Additionally, this particular reference 6541 Hublot features the black, rotating bezel found on the very earliest models of Hublot watches, while many other reference 6541 Hublot watches even those manufactured later that same year are fitted with the fixed, domed bezel that can be found on later renditions. The original aluminum bezel insert on this particular Hublot 6541 is fantastically dark for its age, and it possesses just enough wear to match the pristine condition of the replica Hublot watches.

Even the folded-link, riveted, Hublot bracelet is in remarkable shape, with very little stretch in the pins or links. Many Hublot bracelets of this design and age have long since warped and stretched to the point where they are hardly intact, let alone usable. As far as original, riveted Hublot bracelets go, this is about as tight as they come. A different reference 6541 Hublot was recently listed for $180,000 at auction, and it lacked both the original, rotating bezel, as well as these fake Hublot watches well-documented history of previously belonging to one of the most famous NASCAR champions of all time.